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We have the following ad spots available:

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  • 1: Top Banner

    Nothing can beat this banner if you need to quickly let a lot of people know about some important or urgent event: limited-time discounts, start of a new semester at your language school, contest, etc.

    Placement: In the site header - in our most visible position, above all articles - on EVERY SINGLE PAGE! - MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE + MAXIMUM VISIBILITY!

    Size: 150px x150px

    Price: $130/month $65/month

  • 2: Text Ad

    Great if you want to display a lot of info to the readers.

    Placement: the very top section of the main content page (96% of our daily 30.000 visitors start their browsing from the main page of the site) and of ALL the category pages for the selected language version. Three ad spots available. 

    Other Requirements: Text advertising only. 35-40 characters for the title (will be displayed in bold and in bigger font), 210-220 characters for the description (including breaks). 

    Price: $169/month $85/month

  • 3:Smaller Banner 220x94

    One of our most wanted ad spaces. For a reasonably low price you can place your banner in a VERY visible place, where target visitors will surely see it.

    Placement: right above the chatbox, on all pages with right sidebar (99% of the site).

    Other Requirements: image (jpg, png, gif) or Flash. Animated banners must have 4+ seconds between frames. No aggressive colors, please.

    Size: 220px x 94px

    Price: $110/month $55/month

  • 4: In-Between Banner

    Another spot a lot of advertisers fall for. Allows you to place your company's logo (linked to your website) and up to 45 words of text.

    Placement: Between site's articles. The banner is displayed on the main page and on all category pages.

    Other Requirements: static logo (jpg, png, gif, size 128x128px) + text (up to 35 words)

    Price: $200/month $100/month

  • 5: Category Sponsorship

    Best opportunity to reach out for specific target audience - save on advertising and spend less by running a campaign on all pages of a single category - for example, "Only for Teachers", or "TOEFL", or "ESP", or any other!

    Placement: Above all articles in the selected category AND at the top of every single article in that category. Your banner goes with a note «Sponsored by ___».

    Other Requirements: static image banner (jpg, png, gif, size 500x100px)
    Price: $84/month $42/month

  • 6: Catalogue Link

    Russian Language Interface Only

    Read more in Russian...

  • 7: Sliding Banner

    We are excited to introduce an advanced new ad spot on that will put your business in the spotlight! It is literally unmissable: it waits until the page is fully loaded, then slides into view from the left-hand side! This is the BIGGEST of all ad spots on Englishtips, and it will be displayed on EVERY page of the selected language version until the user manually closes it. Because of its sliding nature and the attractive animation, it will grab much more attention, compared to 'traditional' banners.

    Other Requirements: Static image with solid soft background. 300x330px. Max. size: 25Kb
    Price: $15/day $7/day
    Click here to see an example




We enjoy working with our advertisers and are in for a long-term cooperation. That is exactly why each advertiser, who has been working with us for more than 2 months, gets a well-deserved lifelong discount of 10%.

There is another way to get a discount - all you have to do is run a campaign that involves 2 or more ad spots simultaneously. If you do, we'll be happy to give you a 15% discount on the total order.
We require 100% payment upfront and accept PayPal payments (you can pay with your credit card without having a PayPal account), WebMoney (no terminal payments, please - direct transfers only!).

We are open for any other type of cooperation!
If you would like to run a campaign with some non-traditional ad placement - just let us know!

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