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Using a Known Egg Donor for IVF? Caution: Get a Lawyer

It is not unusual to consider using a friend or family member’s eggs, what is called a “known” or “compassionate” donor. This can work very well as long as the participants follow the expert’s guidelines for success.

Choosing Egg Donor Traits

Personality traits and genetic information are important for egg donor recipients in choosing egg donors. EDA can assess whether children are predisposed to certain traits or disorders, and can take action to change their environment to nurture positive traits.

IVF Egg Donor Matching

When an egg donor recipient is choosing a donor family history, genetic testing, psychological screening should all be assessed along with beauty and brains.

Mentally Adjusting to the Concept of Egg Donation

There are three main topics to address to adjust to becoming an egg donor recipient: the emotional hurdle of using donor eggs for IVF, telling friends & family and sharing with your egg-donor child.

4 Questions to Ask about Egg Donation IVF vs. Adoption

Glazer and Sterling, in their book Having Your Baby through Egg Donation, encourage people who are weighing the pros and cons of becoming an egg donation recipient versus adoption, to ask themselves four main questions.

Quotes from People Using IVF Egg Donor Process

Considering using donor eggs for IVF creates a wide range of thoughts and emotions in both men and women. The words of these egg donor recipient families are raw, real and reveal that everyone approaches the process of from different perspectives.

Who Should Consider Donor Egg IVF?

The number one reason a woman becomes a recipient of eggs is age-related infertility, but loss of ovarian function, genetic illness and recurring pregnancy loss are also reasons.

Little Treasure

This children's book for single moms celebrating love, life and choice. Natalie sets off on a journey to find a special treasure: a little baby, born with with the help of a donor.

Raising You Alone

This essential picture book for single-parent families uses heart and humor in an engaging story to discuss quirks & challenges faced every day for both parents and children.