We want to partner with you to offer the lowest prices for donor eggs.
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Becoming an Egg Donor Alliance Partner Clinic

Egg Donor Alliance (EDA) is an international resource for low-cost and high-quality donor eggs.


How does EDA work?

Egg Donor Alliance has a network of international egg donors and fertility clinics that enables us to offer our Partner Clinics the lowest prices for donor eggs.

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Dr. Joe Massey, founder of Egg Donor Alliance, visited 13 fertility centers in Europe. He selected the best centers in Eastern Europe for donor eggs and IVF: Those with >50 percent pregnancy rates with fresh cycles and with international service experience.

Through this arrangement, EDA can provide our Partner Clinics high-quality donor eggs and embryos created with sperm from the recipient parents/couple.

What are the benefits of being an EDA Partner Clinic?

  • EDA maintains password-protected website
  • EDA selects high-quality donors and IVF clinics with proven success
  • EDA monitors the quality process
  • EDA pays for FDA donor panel, carrier screening and shipping of test samples to U.S. laboratories
  • EDA follows all accepted standard operating procedures for egg donation
  • EDA pays to ship gametes or embryos back to the United States
  • 12 eggs and 3 quality blastocysts (minimum) are guaranteed in the EDA program for about $12,500 USD (compared with $17,000 for one top quality blastocyst from U.S. egg banks)
  • EDA handles tracking of donors, lab outcomes and shipping logistics
  • Partner Clinic featured on EDA’s website
  • Additional egg donor marketing for Partner Clinics.

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Donor selection and screening

  • EDA’s donors are preferably in college or are college graduates
  • Clinics have a variety of ethnicities to choose from
  • All donors are ages 22-30
  • All donors have AMH levels higher than 3.5
  • All donors receive a family history screening, psychological evaluation and objective testing
  • FDA screening for sexually transmitted diseases near time of egg retrieval in CLIA approved U.S. lab
  • Carrier screening for all donors, kayrotype screening done in many centers

Embryo processing

  • EDA ships the patient’s semen to our Eastern European fertility center partners for IVF
  • The fertility centers then perform IVF, freeze the embryos, and ship them back to the U.S. within 80 days
  • Centers are experienced in tissue shipping and tracking
  • Batched shipping from the center reduces costs.